Friday, May 4, 2012

May 1-4, 2012

Again, a house guest has kept me from recording our homeschool, but we continued to have PJ homeschool each evening.

Science -- continued observation and recording of caterpillars, including watching them form their hanging-silk, move into a J-shaped hanging position, and turn into a chrysalis (we watched 2 of them during their transformation).

Handwriting (HWoT) -- completed the kindergarten workbook.

(She later caught and fixed the missing 'f')

Handwriting -- writing thank you notes for her birthday party.

Math (RS) -- Go to the Dump game

Reading (including but not limited to):
1. Biscuit Wins a Prize
2. Puppy Mudge Takes a Bath
3. Pinkalicious School Rules
4. Baker, Baker, Cookie Maker
5. Assorted high-level Bob books
6. Lots of environmental print (parts of her High Five magazine, the back of a milk carton, etc)

Yes, many, didn't record

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