Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 15, 2012

Field trip/Science -- Lukas Nursery and Butterfly Encounter.  Nugget observed butterflies, flowers, and birds, fed a butterfly on her finger, and looked for monarch eggs on milkweed.

When we got home, we planted the milkweed plants and removed one of the leaves holding a butterfly egg for closer observation.

Nugget is recording her observations by drawing in her nature journal. (In this picture, she's drawn it inside the terrarium and on the paper towel.)

Handwriting (HWoT) -- Mystery magic 'c' game (turn the "magic c" into a, c, d, g, o, or q).

Math (RS) -- Addition worksheet.  Because it was the end of a long day and she was getting tired, I had her stamp her answers instead of taking the time to hand-write them.  Nugget did all of these in her head except 7+3, for which she used an abacus.  I asked her how she solved some, and it was quite interesting -- if the question involved adding 2, she chose the next even or odd number (whichever was appropriate).  For 4+3, she mentally moved one from the 3 to the 4 to make it 5+2.  1+0 was the only one that gave her trouble -- she wanted to write 10 until I suggested she use the abacus to check her work.

Phonics (Pathways) -- Long-o and long-i exceptions ('find', 'old', etc).

1. Butterfly Eggs
2. Barbie: A Pet Vet

Yes, including some Aesop's Fables

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