Friday, March 23, 2012

March 23, 2012

Phonics (Plaid) -- Short vowel 'a' spelling (page 73)

Handwriting (HWot) -- Introduce 'y'

Math (RS) -- Equations, review tens & ones on abacus and number cards, introduce overlapping of tens & ones (Lesson 26)

Reading -- 2 pages of "The Pirate Map"

1. Monsters, Inc.
2. Brain Freeze! by J. E. Bright
3. The Little Dump Truck by Margery Cuyler
4. Older Than the Stars by Karen C. Fox
5. City Chicken by Arthur Dorros
6. Winnie the Pooh Home Sweet Home
7. How to Dig a Hole to the Other Side of the World by Faith McNulty
8. Winnie the Pooh Everyone is Special

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