Saturday, February 25, 2012


Welcome! This blog is my record-keeping for our homeschooling. 'Nugget' (her blog name) is 4.5 years old and, by age, a preschooler. In Florida, once we register with the state as a homeschooler (at age 5 or 6), we must keep records "contemporaneous with instruction". Officially, Nugget doesn't require record-keeping yet. However, we've started kindergarten level work already, and I want there to be a record of that. Also, I want to have good habits about this ingrained by the time it becomes required, so here's my effort to start the habit.

I don't intend to keep detailed, picture-heavy records of what we do. Instead, this will probably be quick but frequent blurbs of daily life. It will include both our progress through curriculum as well as learning events in daily life.

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